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Miles : 

Hi, I'm Miles. I’m currently 11 years old and I love to read. I like video games, cats, books, camping, RVs, and nature. I have 1 cat and my brother has one as well.  I like camping because we can sleep outside in the wilderness, explore in the wilderness, and cook marshmallows. I like traveling because we can explore places while driving, camping, hiking, and biking. I hope to have many adventures during our time with the alto. Also, Quailsnails are awesome!


My name is Noah and I like video games, food, and Cats. My favorite things about camping is tents because it's kind of fun living in a different place for a few days. Smores because of food. I like seeing other places. I like traveling in RVs because it's basically a house in a vehicle and it's really cool and fun. Did I mention Smores? I like seeing different buildings and people too. I like YouTube. AND RANDOM FACT OF THE WEEK: I like windows. And that's nine facts about me.


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